Clash Of Clans Bot GUI

Auto leveling with the Clash of Clans bot has never been so easy, a simple way to earn extra gold, elixir and Dark Elixir. ClashBotGUI playing for you when you’re busy or you sleep, is a simple method for attacking other villages and taking over their raw materials for your resources

ClashBotGUI is the most effective version of Clash of Clans bot and is safe as never before. We never had a problem with the ban in the game with our users, Utilising the latest technology and intelligent GUI that mimics the real the user behavior, so user identification using “bots” a normal and his comparison is virtually impossible


Stay online 24/7 in the game even when you’re gone

 Select targets and region to attack

 Have a lot of resources collected in magazines

 Automatically search for high bases and loot them gain



You always have the control of troops ready to attack

 Get extra XP and gave his friends from the clan

 Your castle clan at any time ready to help and attack

 The ability to use even on multiple computers


Anti Tracking

This Clash of Clans bot has option “Anti tracking.” This option is enabled by default when you activate the bot, you make your base can not be traced and attacked by the enemy in any way, which you will save your valuable raw materials

Auto Attack

As for this option Clash of Clans bot “Auto Attack” involves in the fact that the bot is weaker opponents and takes over their resources, by default, select those in that are easier to get. Bot is fully automated when it comes to the strategy of attacks, but if you like the risk and want to spend more troops will be able to choose their own way to attack their expectations

Auto Collect Resources

As also Anti Tracking is the default option aiming to gain gold, Dark Elixir and Elixir with the mine into your store, so even if you are attacked your resources are safe and hidden from enemies

Auto Search

The technique used in the Auto Search allows you to find a suitable opponent for you, which you can attack, you can select only “empty villages”, or select the limit of what Clash of Clans bot has to choose a target to attack, above which will not conduct any operation, it helps save army

Auto Train Soldiers

In Clash of Clans bot are loaded popular stages in the development of armies, select the military selected by you, or leave selection GUI itself prepare the right proportions to the best of attacks, so that you are sure that your army is always ready to attack

ClashGUI User Guide

System Requirements

ClashGUI works with any Windows version 7, be sure to install NET.Framework 4 and java, you must also download the BlueStacks App Player or other simulation tool android CoC Bot also works for MAC there are no additional requirements

Available Support

In the premium version for bot for clash of clans you access support is available through the contact page, respond to messages within 48 hours from the time of delivery to us messages

Free trial

Here was available trial, however, we changed the payment model and the bot is available now with a $ 9.99 monthly payments on the free version with numerous pay additional features “Free-to-use” license is available for 1 computer, and more computers need to be ordered premium version

Remember that you are using a bot on their own responsibility, the bot tries to simulate real user activity by moving the mouse to the right place, as an application written in C ++ and AutoIT may experience problems with your anti-virus, which does not properly can read The activity of the program

The program is clean and free of Trojans downloads attach a scan, we take the safety of users and our customers very seriously, and for us it is a priority issue

Buy License

9,99 $/Now FREE for 1 PC
  • The possibility of using a single computer
  • Frequent updates
  • Most of the options with the possibility of expansion
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